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Military Friendly Realtor


When we received our orders for The Pentagon I began to search for a place to live.  Needless to say the house search was overwhelming!  Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs are huge! How was one Navy wife supposed to figure this out?  Luckily I had a dear friend who was able to help me out.  You need a friend too and today is your lucky day because I’m introducing you to Catherine Jouet.

Military Friendly Realtor in DCMeet Catherine:  A True Military Friendly Realtor in DC Area

Catherine is a local realtor who used to live in Washington DC and she and her family now reside in Alexandria.  Catherine is also my own real estate agent while my family is trying to purchase a home here.  Catherine is extremely professional, very quick to reply to texts and emails full of questions, and honest!  Her knowledge is of home buying is solid.

One of the things I love about Catherine as a realtor is that she isn’t afraid to ask for extra information regarding military moves.  She has had several clients who I sent to her for rental houses and anytime she has military questions she asks.  It’s reassuring to know that she truly does look out for military families’ best interests.

If you are looking for a realtor in the Northern Virginia Area (NoVA), Southern Maryland, or Washington DC she is a great person to know.


Catherine says:

“I proudly work with military families relocating to the various bases in the Northern Virginia area.  Whether your orders bring you to the Military District of Washington, Pentagon, Quantico, Navy Yard, Ft. Belvoir, Ft Myer, Andrews AFB or any other installation in the area I look forward to helping you find the neighborhood and home that works for you.  It is my honor to serve those who serve our country every day.  If you find yourself with orders to the DC area give me a call.  I look forward to helping you with your relocation needs.

If I represent you on a purchase or rental, the seller pays my commission.

I also offer special incentives for military home owners selling a home in DC,MD, VA- please contact me for details.”


For more information about Catherine please visit her website.

Catherine Jouet, Realtor

Keller Williams Realty


Additional Information:


Military Friendly RealtorA Military Friendly Realtor is a realtor who understand the needs of a military family during their military home search. Military families have an accelerated timeline and must make decisions quickly. It’s very important to understand these needs to really be called a “Military Friendly Realtor”.  Since realtor, Catherine Jouet, comes recommended from another military family. We are proud to announce she is a Military Town Advisor Approved Realtor!


Did you have a realtor like this for your last military move? Share you experiences!

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